Diversify but Focus

“Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense for those who know what they’re doing.” -Warren Buffett Warren Buffett has long been an advocate of index funds for investors lacking knowledge and/or experience. Index funds are the poster children of diversification. They are the least risky investment alternative for retail investors because […]

Investing: My True Motives

In the investing sector, there are different groups of investors with different motives. Everyone has an agenda – some are more reckless than others. ​In Group #1 are the thrill-seekers. To them, investing is a game, and that game is to outdo someone or something else. Some have a goal to beat the S&P 500. Others want to outsmart […]

From 8 Figures to Broke and No Freedom

Anyone who’s made tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars during their working days should expect to enjoy a retirement free of worry and freedom to go and do what they please, right? Not always. What do the following athletes have in common? Mike Tyson Allen Iverson Diego Maradona Terrell Owens Besides being at […]