A Key To Overcoming Mediocrity & Sameness

People complain about the disparity between corporate tax rates (21%) and individual tax rates (37% top rate). Still, there’s a simple reason for this: the government wants to incentivize creators and entrepreneurs because the business owners create jobs. The government wants to reward movers and shakers through tax breaks to grow the economy. If nobody created jobs, the economy would stall.

Just as the government incentivizes creators, we should also approach our personal lives and finances with a creator mindset and less as consumers. Are you a consumer or creator?

It’s no secret that we live in a consumer-minded society. It’s take, take, take, and our appetites are only getting bigger. Our houses are getting bigger; we need more cars, the portions of food we eat are also getting larger. Even with information, we consume A LOT of information on our mobile devices – whether we’re binging shows on streaming services or going down rabbit holes on Tik Tok. The point is we spend a lot of time-consuming and little time creating.

With so much information hitting our screens, it’s easy to get distracted by content that is created by others. And while the creators pocket money from our consumption, we waste away our time and money on things that take away from our health, happiness, and resources. It’s just like junk food that only hurts our bodies.

Are we filling our minds with junk information?

While consuming takes you down a slippery slope, creation has the opposite effect. Creations produce more creations and more ideas. And these creations and concepts build upon themselves to grow exponentially over time. When you consume over and over, you lose your ability to create.

If you don’t exercise creativity, you lose it, and when you’re not creating, you’re relying on others – letting others dictate how to live your life.   

In terms of finances and investing, I know there are many people out there who want to tell you how to handle your money. It’s not all bad. We all have to start somewhere. Listen, I love learning from others through coaching and conferences, but I’m selective about what I consume. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

If all you do is consume and do nothing with what you learn, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. Do not overconsume and feel like you have to listen to everyone. So many people fall into the rut of consuming everything before they can do anything themselves that they dig themselves a hole they never climb out of and never do the one thing that will give them freedom – CREATE.

In your personal assessment, are you spending your resources on things that don’t last or allocating your resources to assets that create wealth or take away from it?

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

​​They consume all that they make. Many Americans, in fact, even consume more than they make by getting into debt. ​​The interest on their debt takes away from future earnings. Consuming will only get you so far – paycheck to paycheck. It will not get you to where you want to go, not having to rely on a paycheck.

If you want the freedom to walk away from your job one day, then you need to think about how you spend your resources. You need to think about consuming less and creating more.

Are you spending your resources on temporary things, or are you putting them into assets that will grow your resources?

Think about it as working for the farm vs. being the farmer. Working for the farm will only get you so far. Owning the farm and expanding it or creating other farms is another story.

Wise investors learn early on in their careers that they need to create to break away from their jobs. They know that they need to put their resources to work to create additional income streams. Along with this creator mindset, they also approach consuming differently. Consuming now is looked down on as taking away from creating. Of course, everyone needs to consume to survive, but wise investors minimize consumption to maximize creation.

To get to the next level of success, you must create. Be a creator. Adopt a creator mindset and ask yourself if what you are spending your resources on will create and expand your pool of assets or take away from them.

Do you want financial independence? More personal freedom?

Bottom Line:  Consume LESS and Create MORE.



Mike Ayala has owned and operated mobile home parks since 2007, and has been active in construction and management since he was 15 years old. He graduated from the Associated Builders and Contractors 4-year project management program at age 22 and then became a licensed instructor. He is also the host of the Investing for Freedom podcast.