The One Thing That Interrupts Your Goals/Plans

Many of us start with lofty goals, resolutions, and dreams. Still, many of us also get sidetracked along the way – distracted by one thing or another that prevents us from accomplishing our goals or realizing our dreams.

We are all familiar with the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I want to add, “It’s because we allow distractions and roadblocks to railroad those good intentions and lofty resolutions.”.

We could probably all agree that distractions and interruptions are bad when accomplishing our goals. Along this process of improving our situations, we’ll come across many tips and many experts offering their advice – telling us to focus, avoid outside influences, stay true to our goals, and other helpful instructions.

In pursuing your goals, you’ll hear about how you should be eliminating bad habits and soul-draining relationships, getting rid of excess baggage, getting the right amount of sleep, eating right and exercising to stay energized and focused.

Most interruptions and distractions you can do without, but I am here to tell you that there’s one thing that you will encounter along the way that is sure to interrupt your goals and plans, and this one thing is not good – in fact, it’s GREAT! It turns out, not all interruptions are bad.

As you dial in your new systems and refine your habits and routines, you WILL get interrupted, but how you deal with the various interruptions thrown your way will significantly determine how you emerge on the other side.

Along your journey, an essential and valuable life skill that will be vital for you to develop will be to know which interruptions to allow into your life and which ones to reject. And if there’s one interruption you should learn to embrace, it’s this one – OPPORTUNITIES!

Opportunities come to those in motion, those who are willing to act, those willing to strive to achieve their goals, decisive, bold, open to others’ ideas, flexible, and relentless. These attributes attract other similar individuals who like to engage with those who are on a similar path to freedom.

People ask me how I find others to build companies and partnerships and how I find companies that I can help share my vision, passion, and processes in my head. It’s because I don’t become so hyper-focused on any one task that I close myself off to other ideas, people, and possibilities. ​​Pursuing multiple opportunities – all with an open mind – puts other like-minded persons in my path and opens up so many doors and opportunities that would have been impossible without the insight to let the right interruptions in.

​​Because of this ability to allow myself to be interrupted by positive distractions, opportunities present themselves.

What are the best ways to attract the things you want?

  1. Be on the path to success.
  2. Create multiple pathways to success.
  3. Strive to be the best you can be.
  4. Be goal-driven.
  5. Be decisive.
  6. Be relentless.
  7. Think positive.
  8. Think beyond borders.
  9. Make big plans and big decisions.
  10. Remove draining habits and relationships.
  11. Learn how to say no.
  12. Join new groups.
  13. Share your gifts, talents, and insights.
  14. Pursue mentors.
  15. Be a mentor.
  16. Be open-minded.
  17. Be adaptable.
  18. Be teachable.
  19. Be open to acquiring new tools to accelerate your growth and progress.

Here’s a one-line secret to remember:

Successful people want to be around other success-minded people.

When you’re on the right path, others will find you.



Mike Ayala has owned and operated mobile home parks since 2007, and has been active in construction and management since he was 15 years old. He graduated from the Associated Builders and Contractors 4-year project management program at age 22 and then became a licensed instructor. He is also the host of the Investing for Freedom podcast.